For Your Brand’s Protection. And Advantage.

GeneriTrendTM is the artificial intelligence technology revolutionizing the monitoring and strategic analysis of trademark genericness.

Based on the ground-breaking academic work of Dr Cameron Shackell published in Artificial Intelligence and Law, GeneriTrendTM is a big data analytic platform backed by expert consulting that formalizes and automates the process of determining if a mark is becoming – or has already become – a generic term.

But not just your mark.

GeneriTrendTM arms you with business intelligence to surveil, navigate, and challenge your competitor’s marks, opening up new strategic brand plays driven by a quantified understanding of mark genericness in the minds of your customers, competitors, and regulators.

To mark holders, trademark professionals, and litigants, GeneriTrendTM offers game-changing:

  • Risk assessment
  • Prevention planning
  • Mark surveillance
  • Sector intelligence
  • Competitive advantage
  • Strategic options
  • Evidence

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